Expert’s advice

Silicone replace in the bathroom


Silicone are used for very tight and flexible fillings, which protects surfaces between tiles and bathroom sanitary equipment such as baths, showers or sinks. After a certain time, mold will show itself on the caulk. Mostly mold could be removed by...

Windows renovation


If you want your windows to work properly and look nicely for long years, you should check their condition regularly. Proper care and maintenance of wooden windows and window frames would result in outstanding appearance of our house...

Tile grout replace


Old grout can give your flooring a shabby appearance. Removing old grout and replacing it with a new one, is the tactic most home owners use to give an instant makeover to their floors...

Montage of styrofoam ceiling tile


Ceiling tiles are very good finishing elements which are easy to install. There are a few types of tiles in different designs...

The world of curtains


New curtains are the easiest way to change our apartment...

Garage door maintenance


Garage doors, especially the motor- driven ones require regular maintenance. This is often neglected by users and it has to be remembered that only regular conservation can ensure proper operation for many years...

Leather furniture care


Neat leather furniture are an elegant addition to any home. Thanks to natural properties of the leather, it may serve us for many years... 

Curtain rods installation


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Choice of appropriate mattress


Choice of the right mattress is important when it comes to your sleep comfort. When choosing you shouldn’t pay attention to its appearance, but the function and properties. Before making a purchase...

How to make a garden waterhole


Beautiful and well maintained garden can be easily renewed and made more romantic if you decide to construct a waterhole...

Garden furniture protection


Wooden furniture is exposed to adverse weather conditions for a long period of time. Exposed to sun, wind and rain get destroyed very quickly. They should be protected by special protective agent in order to preserve its charm for as long as possible...

Laying the mosaic


Mosaic is an excellent material, which allows us to diversify a design in our bathroom or kitchen in an original way. Attractive colours and interesting design make it possible for us to create an interesting interior...



Detailed recommendations are contained in the attached pdf file below.

Installing of the cork panelling


Cork panelling - Is a natural and ecological product - Have exceptional insulating and acoustical properties - Impervious to liquids and gases - Are easy to keep clean - Have antistatic and anti-allergenic properties (do not collect dust)...

The selection of bathroom furniture


Bathroom furniture make the bathroom looks fully furnished. Is a measure of its style and climate, help to maintain order and take care of the aesthetics...