Choice of appropriate mattress


Choice of the right mattress is important when it comes to your sleep comfort. When choosing you shouldn’t  pay attention to its appearance, but the function and properties. Before making a purchase, we should lay on the chosen mattress to see how it reacts to the pressure of our body. It is inappropriate to sit on the mattress!
A perfect mattress should not be neither too soft nor too hard. It should provide a good support for the natural curves of the body. If  mattress is too hard it makes the blood vessels shrink and the muscles very tight. In contrast to this, soft mattresses, make us feel fall, causing deformation of the spine and back-and spine-ache connected with this.
Stability and properties of the mattress depend on the material used for its production. The most popular are Bonell Spring Mattresses and pocket mattresses. The Bonell ones can be hard or soft, depending on the protective layer. The number of convolutions of springs shows elasticity and thickness of the mattress. The pocket mattresses have on the other hand the springs located in the pockets. Because of the fact that they are not joined to each other, independent operation of each of the springs is possible, and thus, they easily adapt to the shape of the body.
Another type are the latex mattresses. They are very flexible and do not deform with the influence of body weight.
Another type of mattresses are the thermoelastic ones. Characteristic for them is the fact that they adjust to the shape of the user, being under the influence of body temperature,  and therefore they exert less pressure on blood vessels.
Perfect solution is to buy a special cover for a mattress what enables regular care for its cleanness and gives the possibility to turn it around what consequently extends its usage. Most covers are made of cotton which are breathable and absorb water.
A very important element is the appropriate choice of  under the mattress frame. Additionally there are not only simple, standard designs, but also frame constructions which can be adjusted to your needs (either manually or by the remote control).
If the selected mattress meets all our requirements, we can enjoy the great comfort of sleep and rest.

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