Garage door maintenance


Buying your garage door is an important factor for final effect .Before decision what to purchase, we should carefully consider what kind of door we want to acquire. We have a selection of doors, roller and tilt doors, which differ in the way of use and design. The decision what to choose depends not only on the possibility of installing it, but also on the customer's preferences.
Garage doors, especially the motor- driven ones require regular maintenance. This is often neglected by users and it has to be remembered that only regular conservation can ensure proper operation for many years.
Maintenance activities that you can perform yourself:
The outer surface of the gate should be cleaned with a sponge and clean water or  available cleaning substances for to the paint. Do not use cleaners or sharp tools that may scratch the surface or nitro-solvent based substances.
At least once every 6 months make periodic reviews of the gate, they should include:
• Check the mobile connections which need to be greased
• For additional protection against corrosion, it should be painted with special paint  for galvanized surfaces which will substantially extend the life of the gate.
• Do not oil the lock cylinder, if it is necessary, you should lubricate it with colloidal graphite lubricant.
During the inspection, check the elements which fasten the gate to the wall, the bolts (screws), the leading rolls. In the case there are any abnormalities, they should be removed immediately. Before their removal  the usage of gate is unacceptable. In case of any malfunctions or damage to components of the gate, stop using it and contact an authorized service.
As part of standard maintenance and service you should:
• Check the tension of springs - open the wing of the gate till the half of total height (angle of wing about 45cm). If the wing drops significantly, increase the spring tension . If the wing rises significantly, reduce the tension of springs. If you do not do this, there is a danger that the wing will drop suddenly and will cause injury to people or damage to objects.
• Check the attachment of the spring covers and if necessary make them correct.
• Check the rollers during the opening and closing of the gate wing. If they resist or do not spin at all, check their condition, especially the driving surfaces. If necessary, replace the entire mechanisms.
As part of the inspection you need to check mechanical components which have an influence on safety and correct operation of the gate. In case of any malfunctions, they should be removed immediately. Faulty and mechanical components and parts should be removed immediately.

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