Garden furniture protection


Wooden furniture is exposed to adverse weather conditions for a long period of time. Exposed to sun, wind and rain get destroyed very quickly. They should be protected by special protective agent in order to preserve its charm for as long as possible.

How to protect your furniture?

Currently there are many products on the market designed to protect garden furniture. They protect wood in various ways.
Impregnator protects against fungi, mold, and against too much moisture absorption. It protects the bare wood. Impregnators with wax are good agents. They should not however be used as the final layer, because they do not protect the wood against weather conditions. Garden furniture should be covered by an additional protection agent after impregnation, so that they can serve us for many years.

Garden furniture can also be protected by varnish. Such protection is used as an additional layer after impregnation. Varnish coating makes the surface smooth and, depending on the varnish used, matte or glossy. Over time, varnish will peel from the wood, so you must carefully remove the old layer and apply a new one.
Another way to protect your garden furniture is the use of oil. It can be used to protect any kind of wood. The oil forms a coating protecting the wood from moisture and dirt. Wood protected with oil it should be painted (with the use of oil) every year.

How can I remove smudges of dirt?
In order to make garden furniture be an aesthetic element of our garden, it should be cleaned regularly. Appearing dark spots may indicate the existence of mold or fungi. The best solution is to clean the furniture using a suitable agent. You can also use water and grey soap, but when these methods do not help, you should clean the infected area with fine sandpaper. After using the paper, the wooden surface must be necessarily protected to prevent re-spreading of mold.

How to store wooden furniture?
After the season, you should try to get a suitable place to store your furniture. Do not put them in a very dry and warm room as the wood may dry out. The best solution is to store them in a cool but airy room, which will protect your furniture from frost and moisture.
Wooden furniture should not be covered with foil as this may create ideal conditions for mold. If there is no other choice and it is necessary to coat furniture, you should use lining as it is breathable.

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