How to make a garden waterhole


Beautiful and well maintained garden can be easily renewed and made more romantic if you decide to construct a waterhole.
Firstly, consider what kind of pond you want to create. If you want the pond with fish, then you should put it near the terrace or the place of our rest, to enjoy the view of swimming fish. Natural stylized pond should be located in the further parts of the garden.
An important factor that should be taken into account before the foundation of the pond, is the level of insulation. A suitable location should be in the sun between 4-6 hours a day. If the selected location is very sunny, then we must remember to make the pond deeper, in order to prevent overheating of the water and rapid development of algae.
To maintain the waterhole beautiful all the time we shouldn’t locate it near leaf trees. Falling leaves may become a source of dirt and spoil the whole effect of our work.
Properly planned waterhole can be formed quickly and easily. First of all, we should mark the outline of the waterhole and places of different depth. The next step is to measure the amount of geotextile and foil layer of the pond. Both materials should be measured with a additional 15 cm on each side in order to prevent leakage. Great solution seem to be here coconut mats, which are perfect place for  plants’ roots. In the places where walls are very steep, it is possible to use special pockets which are available in different sizes and colors and let the plants grow in the chosen place and preferable position.
The first pit should be covered with geotextile to protect the foil from rocks, roots and other harmful elements that could  damage it. On the geotextile layer there should be put the foil. We can also use special foil covered with small stones, which will give our pond a more natural look.
Having the waterhole covered in gravel and having the plants placed, we start to fill it with water. Firstly, we should fill only half of it and then when the foil situates itself properly and gets a right shape, we can fill it with the rest part of water,
At the final stage we can hide the visible part of the foil. This can be done very easily with stones, plants and according to personal taste.
The natural beauty of waterholes is more visible through the diversity of plants and fish breeding. In order to enjoy the beauty of our waterhole we should take care of biological balance with the use of special filters and lamps. An interesting thing for our garden is a fountain pump which keeps the water oxygenated and provides circulation. The fountain effect is more beautiful if it is adjusted to the surroundings and size of the waterhole. To make the fountain look the best, remember that the maximum height of the water column should be the same as the smallest distance to the edge of the waterhole; thanks to this the amount of water that is pushed up  will go back to the waterhole.
Our waterhole can be made more and more attractive through different stylizations. The easiest way is here addition of new plants or usage of lights. There are many ways to make our waterhole beautiful and their realization depends only on our fantasy.

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