Laying the mosaic


Mosaic is an excellent material, which allows us to diversify a design in our bathroom or kitchen in an original way. Attractive colours and interesting design make it possible for us to create an interesting interior. Tiny fragments are connected by a grid or a special paper which greatly facilitates the work. Laying the mosaics, however, requires basic knowledge of tilling and a great dose of care.
Mosaic is an ideal material for finishing all types of curves, arches and other non-standard edges. On the convex surface significantly the gap between the elements of the cladding increases, what makes the joint space more visible. In the case of concave surfaces, the situation is reversed. The ideal solution here is to apply an adhesive with a longer drying time, so that we can correct and properly set the junctions’ width.
In preparing the decoration, it is advisable to consider the location of the mosaic in order to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming crop, which is not an easy thing, requires expertise and professional equipment.

Another important element is proper preparation. It must be perfectly smooth. Mosaic should be glued on a thin layer of an adhesive, because a thick one can lead to collapse of the individual elements. When connecting with the rest of mosaic tiles, you have to minimize the difference between the tiles so that they are on one level.
The final step is grouting. They can be started not sooner than 24 hours after the arrangement of the mosaic. After finishing the arrangement of tiles and any adjustments of the width of junctions, you should gently and with great feeling push the tiles down using a styrofoam floats. This should be done very carefully so as not to destroy the effect.

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