Leather furniture care


How should we take care of leather furniture?
Neat leather furniture are an elegant addition to any home. Thanks to natural properties of the leather, it may serve us for many years. Over time, the furniture are getting a unique charm and class. To make this possible, however, we should be aware of several important principles.
Furniture should not be exposed to direct sunlight, because real leather fades. Placing them near a radiator is also wrong. Close proximity of heat sources results drying and cracking of leather.
If we don’t want our furniture to lose their beauty, we should take care of it properly. Leather is a natural product and requires appropriate humidification and care. The easiest way is wipe the furniture with a dry cloth, preferably the flannel one, in order to protect the furniture from dust.
In case of stains, it is best to clean them with a paper towel or tissue. You shouldn’t let the stain  absorb. Grease stains however may not be cleaned with the use of water. It should be absorbed into the skin without leaving any traces. Grease stains mustn’t be cleaned with water.
Depending on the intensity of furniture use, it should be cleaned and maintained 2-4 times a year. During cleaning, pay special attention to the backrest, armrests, or places that may have contact with human skin and are particularly vulnerable to dirt. You can use a soft sponge, which perfectly adapts to the different structure of the furniture.  Foam may be here a good solution, because it guarantees penetration of bends.
When cleaning is finished, the leather should be preserved with a special cream in order to ensure appropriate protection. The cream forms a thin protective coating  which prevents water or other substance from being absorbed by the leather. The cream should be applied with a soft cloth over the entire surface, especially those which were cleaned beforehand. Before you use your furniture again, make sure that the leather is dry after the last conservation.

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