Montage of styrofoam ceiling tile


Ceiling tiles are very good finishing elements which are easy to install. There are a few types of tiles in different designs.
Among the most popular ceiling tiles are:

  • Pressed ceiling tiles- these are the cheapest ones, with limited number of designs. As the name suggests it was pressed on the Styrofoam, they are glued at end joints.
  • Injection type- these type is the most interesting and there are many designs. They are thicker than the pressed ceiling tiles and have special click or not.
  • Extruded-they differ from classic ceiling tiles. Their surface is smooth, but has interesting patterns (wood or marble structure). They are dyed with paints, resistant to abrasion and protected against harmful sun influence.

How to install the ceiling tile:
Application of ceiling tiles should be performed on the hard, dry and smooth surface. These are dry plasters, plaster- cardboard panels or wood. They need to be clean, degreased and have no old paint or wallpaper.
Before we start we should draw two parallel lines on the ceiling and start the application in the center of the ceiling, where the lines meet. Apply the special glue for ceiling tiles in spots. After application of glue, press the ceiling tiles to stick it to the ceiling properly. The last row of ceiling tiles need also to be pressed in order to fit into the rest.
Styrofoam crown moldings:
Elegant finishing for ceiling tiles are crown moldings, which except for decoration function have also camouflage effect for the parts of ceiling tiles which were cut. Crown moldings installation should be started in the corner of the room; its ending need to be cut slantwise. In order to hide the places where crown moldings meet, use some plaster and when it is dry, use the sandpaper to remove the excess and smooth the surface.
Another finishing element are styrofoam rosettes. Similarly to the ceiling tiles, there are many patterns of them and they comprise combination of functionality and esthetics. This is why we have a possibility to create unique decoration.
Before we stick a rosette to the ceiling, it is important to remove the lamp and turn off electricity. It may be very helpful to make a contour of a rosette on the ceiling. Then we should apply the glue and install the rosette in a marked area lightly pressing it to the ceiling in order to stick it strongly.
How should we take care of the ceiling tiles?
Ceiling tiles may be cleaned with soft cloth, either dry or wet. Those ceiling tiles which are white and their surface is not smooth, are especially prone to dirt. Effective way to give the ceiling tiles nice and esthetic appearance is to paint them with watercolors.

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