Silicone replace in the bathroom


Silicone are used for very tight and flexible fillings, which protects surfaces between tiles and  bathroom sanitary equipment such as baths, showers or sinks. After a certain time, mold will show itself on the caulk.  Mostly mold could be removed by special chemical sprays etc. In some of the cases this could not work out, so you should remove the old caulk and replace it.
On the very beginning you have to remove the old silicone. It can be done by using a blade knife or by using special grout scraper.  What is left from a caulk can be sprayed by a proper fluid which will help in caulk removing. Remember,  pay attention to avoid any damages, watch out for tiles and the rest of the equipment.
Newly created channels should be properly cleaned up, especially from dust and fat. Sink or shower cabin should be protected by masking tape, consequently it will help to avoid any dirt.
After protecting preparations you can start the work!
Silicone should be squeezed evenly, the best way is to do it at once (by one stroke). Then wet your finger and run it around the joint, regularly wiping off any excess silicone onto your rag and rewetting your finger as you go. Remove the masking tape and use your finger once again (try to push exactly on the edges).
Job is done -  you should get new smooth neat joints.

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