The selection of bathroom furniture


Bathroom furniture make the bathroom looks fully furnished. Is a measure of its style and climate, help to maintain order and take care of the aesthetics. Furniture can be single, in sets and modules that allow you to compose any arrangement. Bathroom furniture is available in various sizes so choosing suitable one for your bathroom should not be a big problem. But we must remember about some rules:

• Functional Zones
When arranging the devices, we should try to introduce the idea of functional zoning. The zones will organize the interior and make it more convenient for the user. We distinguish between three zones: washbasin zone (with vanity unit and accompanying accessories), bathing zone (with bath and / or cabin) and sanitation (with the toilet and bidet). The vanity unit should be located near the entrance.

• Between devices
When installing sanitary facilities side by side, you need to keep appropriate spaces between them - at least 20 or 30 cm, depending on their type. Maintaining minimum spaces is a guarantee of convenience.

• Everything at hand
Crucial in every bathroom is easy access to accessories and cosmetics. Around the basin, which is a centre of "work area" we should include: a chest of drawers (low standing cabinet of about 950 mm), hanging locker, column (tall standing cabinet of about 1700 mm). The space of 80-1580 cm above the floor is the most comfortable zone to use for a standing person. This means that you should not place mirrors, shelves, cabinets, sockets and switches above and below this height. The upper edge of the basin should be located at a height of 75-85 cm (depending on the height of household members) above the floor.

Types and dimensions of bathroom furniture

  width depth height
Lockers under washbasin from 410 to 1200 mm from 225 to 400 mm from 445 to 795 mm
Washbasins from 402 to 1200 mm from 225 to 500 mm  
Lockers with mirror from 400 to 1000 mm from 131 to 133 mm from 554 to 617 mm
Side Wall lockers from 200 to 600 mm from 162 to 310 mm from 566 to 735 mm
Commodes from 300 to 600 mm from 292 to 355 mm from 795 to 1031 mm
Pistils from 300 to 600 mm from 288 to 288 mm from 1705 to 1870 mm

Bathroom furniture maintenance
Furniture made ​​from MDF or laminated chipboard is different from the wood and do not have structural imperfections such as knots or scratches. Because of this qualities of the surface it is suitable for painting or laminating.  Surfaces of  this type require appropriate care.
Furniture will remain in a good condition for a long time, if we use the proper substances for cleaning it. Painted surfaces may not be cleaned with powders, because they can permanently scratch the surface. For security reasons, you should avoid products which contain chlorine or other strong bleaching agents. Using them could not only irritate your skin, but also destroy the furniture.
Dust, grease and stains are the most visible dirt types on the furniture. To remove such stains you should use sensitive liquid substances. Among wide range of cleaners, there are those which  are suitable for universal liquids, they contain up to 5% solution of anionic and nonionic surface active agents. They are used for cleaning of washable surfaces in the bathroom. They do not scratch the surface and can be rinsed easily.

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