The world of curtains


New curtains are the easiest way to change our apartment.
We offer you a great diversity of curtains and veils. Among the most popular are:

  • Jacquard- a very practical material which does not require ironing after drying in the air in hanging position
  • Organza- is a completely transparent, shiny, very impressive fabric, used for curtains and blinds
  • Voile- fabric made of tightly twisted fibers which is light-transparent, however not clear
  • Marquisette (net)- transparent, lightweight material with apertures of different size, which is used for production of curtains and veils
  • Satin- curtain type fabric, its outer side is shiny and really effective, however its inner side is mat; it crumples easily and requires ironing if is not crushed
  • Taffeta- curtain type fabric with silk fibers. It is stiff and shiny, depending on the reflection, intensity of light and its incidence angle gives beautiful color effects
  • Guipure- is used for finishing of curtains and veils. Jacquard guipure, as its name suggests, are made with jacquard technique and are flat. Lace guipure on the other hand are very exclusive and have visible pattern with tri- dimensional effect.

Before buying curtains you should take into account the amount of light that enters the room. In rooms where windows are located on the North and East side, where the amount of sunlight is small, we should buy light and transparent curtains, such as organza or voile. If windows of our rooms, on the other hand, are on the West and or South side, we can use thicker materials in order to protect our room from the excessive light.
When choosing curtains, it is very important to choose a proper material. Cold colors (such as blue or green) make rooms greater and more spacious, however warm colors (red, orange, yellow) make them cozy and smaller at the same time.
Natural color give feeling of safety, pastels create feeling of lightness and make the room unique; white color creates however impression of elegance and simplicity.
If we change curtains we shouldn’t forget to adjust the style of window to the style of the room.
Before we buy a curtain we should measure its dimensions. The height of curtains should be measured from the end of the curtain hook till the place where we want it to be finished. As a rule there are used three lengths of curtains: till the windowsill, just below it or till the floor. In order to have a beautiful curtain, it should be two times or two and a half time wider its the curtain rod.
Measurement of veils is a different thing. Usually they have their specified width and what we have to do is to choose the appropriate one and know its length.

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