Windows renovation


If you want your windows to work properly and look nicely for long years, you should check their condition regularly. Proper care and maintenance of wooden windows and window frames would result in outstanding appearance of our house.
Next couple of easy tips will help to keep them in good condition and make them last a lifetime.
Before you start windows renovation, you should clean them up thoroughly and remove old paint. Windows frames painting can be easier when you take out handle. Another step should be to stick masking tape close to window frame. Masking tape will be a protection from dirt and any other damages.  After this, you should remove old paint from window frame using a flat edged scrapper.
When the window frame is pre-cleaned, use chemical solvent for the rest of the old paint removal. After a short period of time, softened coating can be removed very easy. Next step is surface smoothing, in this case use a stearated sandpaper.
The last step is painting. First, when the wood is clean and dry, use primer. Wait until primer will dry and again smooth out the surface (use a sandpaper). Properly clean frame from the dust and paint it with proper wood paint. 

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